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How to add an icon to your iPhone application

Ondrej Rafaj on 2009.08.23 13:51:43

In this article I'll show you how to add a new nice icon for your iPhone application. This process can't take more than just a few minutes.

First of all you need to have an icon 57 x 57 pixels in the PNG format. It's always better to create the icon in the high resolution as you'll need a bigger version (512 x 512px) for Apple AppStore artwork.

The 57 x 57 pixel icon used to represent your application on the device home screen. This icon should not contain any glossy effects. The system adds those effects for you automatically. This file is required.

If you are distributing your application to local users using ad-hoc distribution (instead of going through the App Store), your bundle should also include a 512 x 512 pixel version of your application icon in a file called iTunesArtwork. This file provides the icon that iTunes displays when distributing your application.

Once your app icon is ready in 57 x 57px and is called Icon.png, right-click the Resources folder in XCode, Open "Add" submenu and select "Existing files ...". Select your icon and click "Add" button. On the next screen, make sure that the "Copy items into destination group's folder" (if needed)" is checked and again click the "Add" button. Now when your icon is an official part of your iPhone application, search the "Resources folder" for "NameOfYourApp-Info.plist" file and double-click on it.

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