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  1. 2010.10.12 화면정상적 디스플레이되었는데, 뜨자마자 EXC_BAD_ACCESS발생시
아이폰어플개발정보2010. 10. 12. 06:09
화면정상적 디스플레이되었는데, 뜨자마자 EXC_BAD_ACCESS발생시
보통, release관련이다.   
논리적으로는 당연히 release해야하는 타이밍이라 하였지만,  앞에서 했는데 추가로 했을 수도있고,

release한 객체들의 코드를 주석처리해보아 어느부분에 덜블 release가 발생했는지 찾아야할 것이다.

The most common cause of this error is when you release an object and some other mechanism tries to access/release/dealloc it later.

Whenever I get a report of an EXC_BAD_ACCESS error, my first recommendation is to step through the code to determine which line is causing it, and then to search for any explicit [object release] calls that reference that object. Comment them out one-by-one to find where you may have gone wrong (and, of course, make sure the object is properly released later).

If the line doesn't help you figure out which object(s) is/are causing the problem, start looking through your [object release] calls, and make sure you aren't releasing objects too many times by accident, or releasing objects you don't own.

This leads to a good general guideline regarding release in Objective-C:

If you own an object (allocate or retain it), you release it. If you don't own it (came via convenience method or someone else allocated it), you don't release it.

(Via Memory Management with Objective C / Cocoa / iPhone, which also has some good tips.)


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